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Baby Boomers & Bankruptcy: Make Your Retirement Better. - by John G. Merna A Lack of Retirement Savings Forces Many to Take Action With over 75 million baby boomers in or approaching retirement, the disappearance of corporate retirement, failure of 401(k) plans to deliver great returns, and the recent Great Recession have left most unprepared to afford retirement. Baby boomers have acquired more debt […]
February Is “Fresh Start” Month. - by John G. Merna February is fresh start month. Why you might ask? Most people live paycheck to paycheck to. And the question on most people’s mind is almost constantly how do I get ahead financially? If you are plagued with bad credit or unpaid debt this question is even more perplexing. February is fresh […]
6 Things Not To Do With Your Tax Refund Prior To Filing Bankruptcy - by John G. Merna The most difficult problems created by a client anticipating filing bankruptcy are generally created before they consult an attorney or undertaken without advising an attorney. 1) Don’t Hide Money Most people don’t understand or intend to break the law.  But hiding money in bankruptcy, or more accurately “not disclosing” money, is […]
IRS To Delay Some Tax Refunds This Year! -  by John G. Merna Tax filers who anticipate claiming Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) can anticipate their refund being held up until the end of February. The IRS announced that they will be implementing a more strenuous review to detect tax credit fraud and the additional delay will provide […]
Is Your Tax Refund Safe From Garnishment? - by John G. Merna Tax time can be exciting if you anticipate receiving a tax refund. For some, the anticipation can turn to anxiety if they are significantly behind on paying their debt. There are two ways a creditor can intercept your tax refund. The first is by getting it from the Internal Revenue Service […]
Can Bankruptcy Wipe Out Toll Debt? - By John G. Merna Highway Robbery: Toll Collection Out Of Control When a few dollars in toll charges can rocket to $1,000’s of dollars Virginian’s are looking for a way to fight the unreasonable collection and penalty charges that can skyrocket a harmless error. In recent years municipal and state authorities are increasingly using road […]
Are We On The Verge of Jetson’s Law? - by John G. Merna You remember, if you are old enough, the Jetsons? The futuristic space age cartoon family living in kind of early 1960’s vision of a future full of automation where small doors always seemed to slide open and a claw hands the needed item out in finished form. If George Jetson needed a […]
Protect Your Tax Refund From Scams - by John G. Merna Tax time is upon us. And with your tax refund comes the risk of being targeted by fraudsters attempting to steal your tax refund. The scams come in two versions. Tax-Identity Theft Scam A tax-identity theft scam is where the fraudster has access to your identifying information such as your social […]
5 Reasons To File Bankruptcy Instead Of Struggling With Debt - by John G. Merna We get dozens of calls each week from people who are trying to decide whether bankruptcy is a better option than struggling with their bad debt. There are a number of ways to look at your situation to determine if bankruptcy will get you further ahead credit wise.  I want to […]
Vote “Merna Law” Best Lawyers In Richmond 2016 - Vote Below For Merna Law –   Thank you very much for your support last year where we were voted one of the “Best Lawyers” in Richmond. Here are this years rules and instructions.   One vote per email. Scroll down on the page below to the “Best Lawyer” category. Write in “MERNA LAW” You […]
Three Things You Can Do This Year To Be Richer - by John G. Merna As we end the first month of 2016, a person should take a moment for introspection. Everyone should take time to reflect on how to improve your life by living better and being happier.  I don’t have any suggestions on how to make you happier but here are three suggestions on […]
John G. Merna, Esq. Named a Member of the 2015 Virginia Legal Elite - Congratulations to John G. Merna, Esq. for being named a member of the 2015 Virginia Legal Elite in the December issue of Virginia Business Magazine.
Attorney Genene Gardner of Merna Law Named Top Lawyer 2015 - by John G. Merna Congratulations to attorney Genene Gardner of Merna Law named top lawyer 2015 by Coastal Virginia Magazine.  Genene practice primarily consumer bankruptcy and family law.  She received her law degree from Regent University and her undergraduate degree from Longwood University.  Genene is a member of the Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar and is highly-respected […]
Five Little Known Treats (Realities) About How Bankruptcy Can Help You – Part 2 - by John G. Merna Trick or Treat: Bankruptcy Treats – Part 2 Here are few of the little known treats that bankruptcy provides to help a struggling soul back onto the road of good credit and even purchasing a home. Treat/Reality #1 Bankruptcy allows your credit score to recover. Think of the negative credit reporting […]
Trick or Treat: Five Scary Tricks (Myths) About Bankruptcy – Part 1 - by John G. Merna Halloween is about scary things we know are not real but enjoy being scared anyway.  Bankruptcy is similarly scary because of the myths and urban legends about the process.  Here are five “tricks” (myths) about bankruptcy that will help you better understand the powerful help bankruptcy can provide to a financially […]
Bankruptcy & The Presidency: Is Trump the First Presidential Candidate Personally Familiar with Bankruptcy? - by John G. Merna Over the past few decades, Donald Trump has filed four (4) Chapter 11 bankruptcies for several of his corporations. Business bankruptcies, especially those filed by Fortune 500 companies and municipalities, are more common and get more positive publicity. Few presidential candidates in recent history have been as personally familiar with the […]
Five Summer Savings Tips to Keep Your Wallet from Getting Sunburned. -   by John G. Merna Summer may not seem any different from the rest of the year when it comes to debt except for the rising temperatures, however, the heat brings with it  financial challenges that can set you back. Here are some savings tips that might make keep you relaxing at the beach instead […]
Scam Alert: Virginia Bankruptcy Filers Targeted By Scammers! - by John G. Merna Virginia bankruptcy filers in both active or discharged bankruptcy cases are being targeted by telephone scams.  In the past week I have receive two complaints from clients about “supposed” creditors attempting to force them to pay debts included in their bankruptcy.  The scammers are pretending to be creditors and threatening criminal action if the […]
Economy Losing Ground…Again. - By John G. Merna For the second year in a row and the third time during our supposed recovery from the recession, the economy shrank by 0.7% in the first quarter, according to The Wall Street Journal.  A similar loss of ground occurred the first quarter of 2014 with the economy slipping backward 2.1%.  The shrinkage this […]
Is Bankruptcy Right For You? - by John G. Merna Is there a better way to deal with your debt than bankruptcy? One of the most common questions I’m asked when people call inquiring about bankruptcy is “Is there a better way to deal with my debt than filing bankruptcy? “ Well that depends. It depends mostly on your circumstances and […]
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