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Superheros or Leaders?

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Unfortunately, it is hard not to be a little skeptical in this time of presidential campaigning. The claims the candidates make are over the top. Sure, they may have had an effect on the outcome of many projects and policies, that is what we call leadership. But if you listen to the expensive political campaigns designed by top-dollar advertising agencies you would think that they had single-handedly saved the world… like a superhero. But if you think about it, what superhero has ever been a leader by bringing out the best in people and organizing people around an actual plan? Mostly, superheros are people (or mutants or aliens) with remarkable powers, limitless wealth and massive egos.

What about all those common federal workers and state workers that Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney have managed?  Didn’t they have something to do with any outcome?  Are they not also responsible? Do our leaders do all these remarkable tasks alone while the world looks on in wonder? In fact, who is fighting the war on terrorism, struggling to pay their taxes so the government can overspend and require even more taxes? Who is following the American dream (as commercialized as it has become) and living the real life of survival amidst economic turmoil? We the people. This election is about us not about them, but they and we forget that.

Have we become a country that is looking for a Superhero President or are we really looking for a LEADER? Does a leader take all the credit? Does a leader over represent results? Does a leader harp on the negative against the competition or a competitor? Only in politics and bad sportsmanship. Why do we tolerate this type of campaigning year after election year? Why do we accept a lot of things from our presidential candidates who will spend millions of dollars to pull the nostalgia strings, patriotism strings while playing on the fears of the people they are suppose to lead. Ask yourself, is that a leader?

So what does this political tirade have to do with law or finances? The answer is they are not leading. As I said, this campaign and this country is about the people. From my perspective, the economy is still in the toilet  and nowhere near recovery. But more importantly, I do not hear a coherent intelligent plan to address this problem. I do hear the sound bites, cute sayings and paragraph speeches but these are not economic recovery plans.

If we want to get out of what has been an economic depression (for many) and rise above a culture where credit card companies enslave the working poor to lifelong payments, we need candidates to understand this trap and have a real plan. Yes, credit card companies have a huge amount of money to contributed to political campaigns in order to pass laws or more accurately not pass laws to restrict such financial exploitation. More importantly, they have a plan to get your money. We need candidates that have a plan to fix this economy and restrain commercial exploitation that drains the finances that families need to pay for health care, educational costs and a better life. We need leaders that lead, not superheros.

Mr. Obama & Mr. Romney, show us leadership and show us a real plan. Leave the capes, cowls and costumes at home.

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