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So, Why Do We Buy?

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So Why Do We Buy

That urge to own. That passion to possess. That curse to acquire. What is this demonic possession?  The best I can figure is that the need is greed.

Oh, not greed in the sense that I need to have a lot of money or property, but “greed” the sense of old King Midas.  An uncontrollable need to satisfy our inner ID (rhymes with “kid”, not short for “identification”).  That is greed of a different sort.  We crave many things in many ways, large and small, to satisfy different perceived needs.

No matter where the urge comes from or how it plays out, it is made 100% more of a problem when you throw a sense of urgency on it.

If you bring the “I need it now” attitude to your shopping, you have just overpaid for whatever it is.

Smart shopping is helpful, but learning to control our passion to purchase is the first step in changing our financial future.

How do I learn control?  Hmmm. Maybe by practicing the opposite.  What is the opposite of buying?

Easy.  It is SAVING.  But that doesn’t get me a new couch.  You are right — but it gives you something much greater.  See tomorrow’s blog on the power of savings.














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