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February Is Fresh Start Month!

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Why is February “Fresh Start Month”?

Two reasons.

First reason – January is “New Year’s Resolutions” month traditionally.  One of the biggest wish of people is to “get out of debt”.  Often this wish is not a resolution because they can not afford to pay off their debt or that it just seems too overwhelming to conquer such a task. For those of you who are behind on payments on your debt, have had your credit destroyed by late payments or may be under the threat of a lawsuit or garnishment, paying off your debt does very little for you.  A bankruptcy is a smarter approach to rebuilding your credit and getting a fresh start.  Why?  Because bankruptcy is the “Cheapest, Fastest & Easiest Way To Eliminate Your Debt and Rebuilding Your Credit.  This brings us to reason two.

Second reason “February is Fresh Start Month” is that it is also tax refund month.  This is the one time of year when many families with bad credit and serious financial stress have a little extra money from their tax refund and can afford to hire an attorney to help them navigate the complicated process of bankruptcy and get a fresh start. Don’t waste your tax refund money paying on bad debt.  Grab the opportunity to get a fresh start in February.  That house you want to buy is waiting for you.  A life where you don’t have to be afraid of answering the phone, qualifying for credit or being approved to rent can be yours.

Use your tax refund wisely.  Make February “Fresh Start Month”!!!!!  Make that tax refund count!

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by John G. Merna

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