Bankruptcy Summer Savings Tips - Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk


by John G. Merna

Summer may not seem any different from the rest of the year when it comes to debt except for the rising temperatures, however, the heat brings with it  financial challenges that can set you back. Here are some savings tips that might make keep you relaxing at the beach instead of hunting for more overtime.

Getting Heatstroke From Your Electric Bill?

Whether you are faced with a huge electric bill due to running your air conditioning incessantly or a  huge water bill trying to keep your yard from being a dust bowl, high utility bills can sting the wallet. The time to get ahead of the financial
heat is now. Check out the electric companies level pay plan. It can help you even out the sunburn of a high AC bill over the whole year. Also,  install a programmable thermostat. Program the unit to increase the temperature while you are at work and bring it back down when you are home.  Also check to see if you have enough insulation in the attic. Poor insulation will drain your wallet. My personal trick is ceiling fans. They can  make a room feel several degrees cooler. They use less energy than your AC.

Seems Like God Meant Water To Be Free?

Well, it is not. Seems to be getting less free by the year if you think about how expensive bottled water is. Watering but down have a well? Consider adapting your gutters to collect the rain water. It can save and distribute the water when needed for
no more than the price of setting up a collection system. That is until the city or county figures out how to send you a rain water bill. If you  have sprinklers, turn them on less often for longer periods of time. Avoid midday watering. It evaporates more quickly. Stick to the morning or evening.

Summer Childcare Wilting Your Budget?

Avoid expensive summer camps for your children. Local religious organizations such as the YMCA or the JCC  provide affordable, well-organized, safe and entertaining camps for children of all ages. Save a few bucks by downsizing to local camps.

Summer Vacation Tips That Don’t Meltdown Your Wallet.

Before you leave put your house in “vacation mode”. Turn down the utility and unplug TV’s and other appliances which still draw a few amps even when off. Get the car ready by properly inflating the car tires before leaving. According to the Department of Energy, properly inflated tires can save about 3% on your fuel bill. Also avoid tourist traps while on vacation for your souvenirs. Head to the local drug store or discount store where you can get more affordable postcards, t-shirts, and other vacation memorabilia.

Sunscreen Is Your Second Best Friend In The Summer.

So who is your best friend this summer? Your smart phone and the apps you can use to save you money. Try to get the best gas prices for your vacation car trip or just your daily commute. If you carry AAA for your vehicle check out their website for everything from discount theme park tickets to discount movies tickets.

Make a pledge to yourself this summer. It starts like this “I will never pay full price for anything I purchase again or overpay for creature comforts.” Oh, and don’t forget this part. “I will have the best darn summer yet!’ See you at the beach. After all it is one of the last few free things, assuming you avoid the paid parking lots.