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Bankruptcy, Garnishment, Foreclosure, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Chesterfield, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Williamsburg, Henrico, Chester, Mechanicsville, GloucesterAs a Norfolk bankruptcy lawyer for almost 20 years, I understand that overwhelming debt can devastate families both financially and emotionally.  Financial stress is the leading explanation for divorce.  Stress is the lead explanation for poor health.

If you feel that no matter how much you work, you can’t pay the bills, I believe I can help.  If you jump every time the phone rings, out of fear of debt collectors harassing you, I can help.   If you have stopped opening your mail for fear of a lawsuit, foreclosure, or garnishment, I understand and I can help.   The natural inclination is to want to run away or ignore your financial stress, but I am here to tell you there is a stress free financial future out there for you.

Some of the best attorneys in the Norfolk metropolitan area work at The Merna Law Group.  They can help you regain your zest for life by eliminating the financial stress that has been making you feel less hopeful and optimistic.  Mr. Merna and his team of compassionate, highly-trained, bankruptcy attorneys have helped families, military service members, and individuals for almost two decades.  They have assisted thousands of stress families to find a better financial future, improved credit, and more financial opportunity through bankruptcy.

Economic times are still rough.  The government loves to claim things are great and play politics with statistics to make it appear so, however, the cost of living is constantly increasing and wages are not maintaining pace.  With over a million Americans and growing filing bankruptcy each year it is estimated that a significant portion of the population will file bankruptcy in the coming decade or two.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are often the best and most expedient means of getting a person or family from under the weight of crushing debt and on to a brighter future.  Please explore my website for more detail on these options.  We offer free bankruptcy consultations, affordable rates and payment plans.

Our attorneys practice almost exclusively bankruptcy and can be found spending much of their time at the Norfolk Bankruptcy Court, 600 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510.

I can help you determine if filing Bankruptcy is right for you and will explain the advantages and disadvantages. He will spend time evaluating your circumstances, understanding the reasons for your financial crisis, and assessing whether eliminating or reorganizing your debt is appropriate.  Mr. Merna has dedicated his career to educating his clients on the true financial value of bankruptcy to counter the misinformation and urban legend that surrounds the word “bankruptcy”.   Bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure, garnishment, lawsuit, repossession and creditor harassment in its tracks.

The Merna Law Group has offices serving families, military members and individuals in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas.  In the Tidewater area our jurisdictions include Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Hampton, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Gloucester and the Eastern Shore.

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Everyone at the office was very helpful and friendly. The attorney answered all of our questions and helped us through the entire process. He was also very helpful answering concerns that we had after the process was completed/over. Highly recommended!

William E.

Virginia Beach, VA

I met with John Merna and found him to be truthful, experienced and very personable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. The experience was quick, straightforward and understandable. The administrative staff was also very supportive and helpful.

William E.

Virginia Beach, VA

A friendly staff and outstanding attorney who helped me through a difficult time in my life. Thanks to everyone at the Merna Law Group who helped me move on to and new chapter in my life debt free!

Mary F.

Richmond, VA

From the beginning of our journey, both my wife and I felt that we had chosen the right person to lead us thru this difficult time in our life. We felt that we could place our trust in this firm and be confident that we would receive the best legal advice out there. All of the staff was very attentive to our problem and worked diligently to help us resolve our credit problems in the best manner. We were extremely pleased with the guidance and advice given to us by John and his staff.

Daniel A.

Newport News, VA