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TimeShare Scams: Part 2

by John G. Merna, Esq.

Why A Moment Of Excitement Can Cost You A Lifetime Of Debt

Lesson 2:  They will tap into your greed.

In the movie “The Queen of Versailles” an employee of the largest timeshare company in the U.S. boldly state that they consider timeshare buyers “mooches” meaning a person that is trying to get something for free. The “free”, I assume, is the teasers that they offer like free hotel rooms, vacations, etc., to get you to sit through their indoctrination presentation and sales pitch. Yes, “indoctrination” presentation. These presentations are crafted and executed so artfully that the unsophisticated barely know they are being pressured.

We all love “free”.  Everyone on us has taken the complimentary soap and shampoo from the hotel. We think it is free and love the thought of getting something for nothing. The truth is it is not free, we paid for it. Believe me – those timeshare ticklers are not “free”.  You will pay for it somewhere down the line. Don’t be a “mooch” when it comes to timeshares. Stick to the complimentary soaps.

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