Bankruptcy, Garnishment, Foreclosure, Chesterfield, Richmond, Henrico, Mechanicsville,
By John G. Merna, Esq

Reason 1

You are a living breathing individual with value, worth and possibilities that can not be quantified by science or a FICO/ credit score.

Reason 2

A credit rating does not show how hard you are trying, whether it is working multiple jobs, dealing with health or family issues.

Reason 3

A credit score doesn’t show the change or challenges you are faced with financially on a daily basis, whether it is the high price of gas or the higher cost of groceries.

Reason 4

Your credit rating does not care about your hopes or dreams or your priorities.

Reason 5

Your credit score does not measure the depth of your character or the breadth of your heart.

Don’t let a false sense of identity about what a credit rating means stop you from getting a fresh start today.  Bankruptcy can give you a second chance. Call today.