Timeshare Scams: Part 5

Bankruptcy, Garnishment, Foreclosure, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Chesterfield, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Williamsburg, Henrico, Chester, Mechanicsville, Gloucesterby John G. Merna, Esq.

Why A Moment Of Excitement Can Cost You A Lifetime Of Debt

Lesson 5:  You will get a lot of icing and a little cake.

The biggest icing timeshare sellers heap on the sales pitch is you can transfer it. You can either bank points, trade locations, sell your week, or a multitude of other options that makes it look like your options are endless. Much of this “icing” is crafted to address the issues I am bringing up such as your tastes will change, you will want to go to other places or not go on vacation at all, your fear of being trapped financially by the commitment. But in the end, once again, what they don’t want you to think about is how much time, effort, and the likelihood you can do any of these things. All you have to do is surf the internet to see that there are a billion (slight exaggeration) people advertising to sell, rent, swap their time share. Many of them are just trying to get out from under them. This unfortunate reality is a larger testament to the poor investment of a timeshare.

We are an “icing” society. If our car is nice we feel good. If our house looks nice outside we feel good. If we are dressed nice we feel good. A lot of what we learn about making ourselves feel good is about what we are showing and are shown on the outside. We look at our neighbors and only see their “icing” and make judgments about them. The icing is just that “icing”. Have fun with your “icing” and just be aware of everyone else’s especially when they are you something.


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